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Planning for 2024!! And a bit of New Year Motivation!

Updated: Jan 13

Who would have thought planning a year with a slightly different perspective on things and what you do would be such a juggling act but finally we're sorted and I am so ready for March!! Which eventing fan isn't!?

(Alex Bragg & Quindiva, Thoresby 2023)

This time last year sat at home, I wasn't even contemplating half the things that happened the second half of 2023 and what would happen beyond but "SOMETIMES THE DREAMS THAT COME TRUE ARE THE DREAMS YOU NEVER EVEN KNEW YOU HAD OR THOUGHT WERE POSSIBLE".

2024 sees the start of a new season supporting not 1 but 2 riders;

  • Cam - a talented young rider who has a goal of qualifying for Badminton grassroots!

  • And Tom Rowland - international 5* Event rider who has worked up the levels and now competes at the highest level - jumping clear round some of the toughest 5* tracks!

(Tom Rowland & Possible Mission, Badminton)

'HOW!’ I often still ask myself, especially an event rider who I've followed over the years because of his amazing partnership at the highest level with Possible Mission and now my favourite Honeybrook Extra Special who deserves a mention because 'what a horse' she is competing in Dressage and Eventing, but it's about "BELIEVING IN YOURSELF AND HAVING FAITH IN YOUR ABILITIES", also as they say it’s who you know, and it’s people seeing and believing in you and your work too! - "IF YOU ENJOY SOMETHING AND HAVE A PASSION FOR IT - THEN PURSUE IT - ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE".

(Oliver Townend & Ballaghmor Class, Burghley)

None of this would be possible without the support of friends, family, Tom, Cam, their support groups and horse owners. Im so Grateful for these opportunities and everyone's support and encouragement - Looking forward to the year ahead and by the looks of it - it's going to be a busy one!!!!

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