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My journey

A hobby Photographer based in Swindon with a dream to take my passion further.


For however long I can remember I've always loved anything equestrian and horse riding was my hobby from a young age. As I grew up I unfortunately stopped riding for many years, making a choice to pursue a different hobby. But in 2018 I returned to horse riding at the Talland school of Equitation (a place I cant rate highly enough) and now have goals I want to achieve.

However while having this break I never stepped back from horses entirely. Years ago, 2012 I believe, is when I first fell in love for the sport of eventing. This started off with a yearly trip to a local event at Barbury Castle. After visiting there for several years I caught the bug and have now been to many Horse Trials over the UK and a couple in France.

It was from visiting these events that I then found a passion for photography. Starting off with a small digital camera documenting my trips for my own memories.

After a few years I then made a decision to purchase a DSLR camera and ever since then I have never looked back and enjoy every time I'm behind the camera and editing photos. Taking many photos at horse trials as a spectator, photographing at a few weddings, photo shoots and capturing other memories to remember for friends and family as well as myself. 

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